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Scott Hallam

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Scott Hallam - LSD / Analogy LSD / Analogy 2 2009-05-04 Axia Records
2 Scott Hallam - Kettle Crusader / Western Prominence Kettle Crusader / Western Prominence 2 2009-03-25 Axia Records
3 Scott Hallam - Hole In One Hole In One 2 2009-03-23 Axia Records
4 Scott Hallam - Spaced Spaced 2 2009-03-25 Axia Records
5 Scott Hallam - My Heart Beats This Time My Heart Beats This Time 2 2009-03-25 Axia Records
6 Scott Hallam - Magical Thinking Magical Thinking 2 2009-03-25 Axia Records
7 Scott Hallam - Clarity Clarity 2 2009-04-06 Axia Records
8 Scott Hallam - Carrie's Revenge Carrie's Revenge 2 2009-04-14 Axia Records
9 Scott Hallam - Glint Of Dawn Glint Of Dawn 2 2009-04-27 Axia Records
10 Scott Hallam - Electric Mist Electric Mist 2 2009-04-30 Axia Records
11 Scott Hallam - The Swarm The Swarm 2 2009-05-11 Axia Records
12 Scott Hallam - Keys From Outer Space Keys From Outer Space 2 2009-07-01 Axia Records
13 Scott Hallam - Modern Senses Modern Senses 2 2009-07-27 Axia Records
14 Scott Hallam - Tusko's Last Trip Tusko's Last Trip 2 2009-08-05 Axia Records
15 Scott Hallam - The Gateway The Gateway 2 2009-09-15 Axia Records
16 Scott Hallam - Desire Desire 2 2010-05-19 Axia Records
17 Scott Hallam - Squares Squares 10 2010-08-04 Axia Records
18 Scott Hallam - Red Giant Red Giant 3 2010-10-01 Axia Records
19 Scott Hallam - Round & Round Round & Round 3 2011-01-03 Axia Records
20 Scott Hallam - Off Your Box E.P. Off Your Box E.P. 4 2011-11-25 Axia Records
21 Scott Hallam - A Rhythm To The Brain A Rhythm To The Brain 11 2012-05-14 Axia Records
22 Scott Hallam - At Least Two Steps In Front Of Any Other Fucking Fucker At Least Two Steps In Front Of Any Other Fucking Fucker 10 2013-04-30 Axia Records
23 Scott Hallam - Viva Acid House Viva Acid House 10 2013-10-31 Axia Records
24 Scott Hallam - Four Tracker One Four Tracker One 4 2013-12-02 Axia Records
25 Scott Hallam - Four Tracker Two Four Tracker Two 4 2013-12-02 Axia Records
26 Scott Hallam - Four Tracker Three Four Tracker Three 4 2013-12-02 Axia Records
27 Scott Hallam - Fireball 2010 Fireball 2010 3 2010-02-15 Axia Records
28 Scott Hallam - R.O.R. Part 1 Spectre R.O.R. Part 1 Spectre 3 2010-03-01 Axia Records
29 Scott Hallam - R.O.R. Part 2 Spice R.O.R. Part 2 Spice 3 2010-03-22 Axia Records
30 Scott Hallam - R.O.R. Part 3 Mentspasm R.O.R. Part 3 Mentspasm 2 2010-04-26 Axia Records
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About Scott Hallam

Scott Hallam started DJing late '89 in and around clubs in Manchester. Heavily influenced by the acid house scene along with the emerging styles from Belgium, Detroit and Germany. It wasn't until 1993 that he started his production with a fairly basic setup: Ensoniq Mirage sampler, Boss DR-55 MK II drum machine and in Decemeber 1993 tracked down a much sought after Roland TB-303 all sync'd up to an Amiga A500 running Music X 2.

3 years of delving deeper into the production world and a lot more kit, he released an EP on his own label '[l=Axia Records]' under the name Grey Matter in October 1996 which was well received by Dave Mothersole who reviewed it in Muzik magazine February 1997.

[r45429] EP (Axia)

New boy Scott Hallam with an ambitious five-tracker which veers from 150bpm acid techno and slo-mo hip hop breaks, right through to old school, bottom heavy warehouse grooves and Depeche Mode-meets-Juan Atkins purism. The real surprise, here, though, is how thoroughly listenable the whole thing is. Innovative, imaginative and pretty bloody good. 7

Branching out into electronica and dowmtempo chill out grooves he later released 3 albums between 2002 and 2003 (Sonic Textures, Thirty & Lost In Thoughts)

After a break from production whilst DJing again with a residency at the Music Box in Manchester between 2005 and 2008 playing Hacienda Classics (as much acid house as possible) it wasn't until 2009 that he started up Axia as a digital output via Juno Download and to date has released 23 EPs and 4 Albums covering acid, techno, house, dub, electro & chill out.

Having had two of his remixes of Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge 'Let Loose The Light' released on Epoque Music it wasn't long before he was back in the studio to finish the latest album 'Viva Acid House' 10 tracks of 303 squelches as his passion for the silver box continues to shine.

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