Kenneth James Gibson

Also you may know as (a)pendics.shuffle, Apendics.Shuffle, Appendics Shuffle, [a]pendics Shuffle
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Discography of [a]pendics.shuffle:

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 [a]pendics.shuffle - The Diligent Puzzle EP The Diligent Puzzle EP 4 2004-06-28 Narita Records
2 [a]pendics.shuffle - The Lavender Neglect The Lavender Neglect 5 2004 Orac Records
3 [a]pendics.shuffle - Smooth Hair Smooth Hair 7 2004-09-20 Proptronix
4 [a]pendics.shuffle - Smooth Hair EP Smooth Hair EP 5 2004 Proptronix
5 [a]pendics.shuffle - Saw Saw Soup / Creamer Saw Saw Soup / Creamer 3 2005 Orac Records
6 [a]pendics.shuffle - Unclassified Computer Funk Unclassified Computer Funk 4 2005-03-00 Orac Records
7 [a]pendics.shuffle - Helicopter Hearts Helicopter Hearts 8 2005-09-00 Orac Records
8 [a]pendics.shuffle - Real People EP Real People EP 3 2005-10-00 Mineral Musica
9 [a]pendics.shuffle - Helicopter Hearts Helicopter Hearts 8 2005-09-26 Orac Records
10 [a]pendics.shuffle - Rampant Passenger Rampant Passenger 4 2006 Mo's Ferry Prod.
11 [a]pendics.shuffle - Hot Guarduan & The Freestyle Formula Hot Guarduan & The Freestyle Formula 3 2006-02-10 Adjunct
12 [a]pendics.shuffle - Re-Fried Monument EP Re-Fried Monument EP 4 2006-03-27 Budenzauber Recordings
13 [a]pendics.shuffle - Rampant Passenger Rampant Passenger 2 2006 Mo's Ferry Prod.
14 [a]pendics.shuffle - Eloquent Milk EP Eloquent Milk EP 4 2006-10-02 Leftroom
15 [a]pendics.shuffle - Group Trivia Group Trivia 3 2006-10-23 Persistencebit Records
16 [a]pendics.shuffle - Eloquent Milk Eloquent Milk 3 2006-10-09 Leftroom
17 [a]pendics.shuffle - Looking For Me Looking For Me 3 2006 Adjunct
18 [a]pendics.shuffle - Sammy Baker Davis Jr E.P. Sammy Baker Davis Jr E.P. 3 2007-02-13 Mo's Ferry Prod.
19 [a]pendics.shuffle - Sammy Baker Davis Jr E.P. Sammy Baker Davis Jr E.P. 3 2007-02-13 Mo's Ferry Prod.
20 [a]pendics.shuffle - Take Me Higher Take Me Higher 3 2007-04-30 Adjunct
21 [a]pendics.shuffle - Unclassified Computer Funk 2 Unclassified Computer Funk 2 4 2007-04-00 Orac Records
22 [a]pendics.shuffle - Untitled Untitled 2 2007-04-16 We Are
23 [a]pendics.shuffle - Mas Lines Mas Lines 3 2008-05-00 Ransom Note Footnote
24 [a]pendics.shuffle - Untitled Untitled 2 2007 We Are
25 [a]pendics.shuffle - Elegance & Malice Elegance & Malice 4 2008-10-10 Lick My Deck
26 [a]pendics.shuffle - You Got My Harmony E.P. You Got My Harmony E.P. 4 2008-11-10 Mo's Ferry Prod.
27 [a]pendics.shuffle - You Got My Harmony You Got My Harmony 4 2008-12-15 Mo's Ferry Prod.
28 [a]pendics.shuffle - Elegance & Malice Reworked Elegance & Malice Reworked 2 2009-06-18 Lick My Deck
29 [a]pendics.shuffle - Restless And Disturbed, Songs Of Mania Restless And Disturbed, Songs Of Mania 3 2010-03-09 Persistencebit Records
30 [a]pendics.shuffle - Restless And Disturbed, Songs Of Mania Restless And Disturbed, Songs Of Mania 3 2010-03-09 Persistencebit Records
31 [a]pendics.shuffle - Framed And Defamed Framed And Defamed 4 2006 Sunset Diskos
32 [a]pendics.shuffle - Rattlesnake Insanity EP Rattlesnake Insanity EP 4 2011-01-04 We Are
33 [a]pendics.shuffle - Something Strange Something Strange 3 2012-03-00 Adjunct
34 [a]pendics.shuffle - Something Strange Part 2 Something Strange Part 2 3 2012-06-00 Adjunct
35 [a]pendics.shuffle - Midnight Machines EP Midnight Machines EP 5 2013-02-18 Amam
36 [a]pendics.shuffle - Midnight Machines EP Midnight Machines EP 4 2013-02-18
37 [a]pendics.shuffle - Wonderfully Drifting Wonderfully Drifting 4 2013 Mo's Ferry Prod.
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About [a]pendics.shuffle

[a]pendics.shuffle is but one name for the multiple personas of Kenneth James Gibson, the multi-talented musician and composer behind Reverse Commuter, dubLoner, Kenneth James G., KJ Gibbs, Bal Cath, Eight Frozen Modules, Premature Wig and video artist Captain Primo. Having catalogued over 200 releases, KJG has explored and released music from minimalist and raw house to futurist dub, spaced-out electro to ambient solitudes, experimentalist techno to noisy psychedelic and chamber pop. He is also founder of Los Angeles based house and techno label Adjunct Records (distributed by Kompakt).

Over 20 years of production, KJG has collaborated with an eclectic crew of talented beatcrafters and producers, including Mr. C of The Shamen, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto, Mark Bell a.k.a. Blakkat, Dilo as Cascabel Gentz, Mikael Stavöstrand as Men In Slippers, Carola Pisaturo as The Vegetables, Big Bully, Stewart Walker, and Konstantin Gabbro, co-founder of the pioneering Seattle label ORAC Records, as Whoa Buck.

KJG is a honed pilot of the remix console. KJG’s Reverse Commuter persona explores the warmth of acoustic production and deep house chants — the first EP and a full length album, entitled Exposure, will be released in early 2014. For the past few years, KJG has been collaborating in the studio with Brian McBride of the classical ambient duo Stars Of The Lid, creating an organic, band-driven project called Bell Gardens. The first LP, Full Sundown Assembly, was released in 2012 on the legendary UK anarcho-punk label Southern Records. In 2010, KJG released an acclaimed series of reworks with Damian Lazarus for his album Smoke The Monster Out (Club Versions) on seminal Berlin label Get Physical.

KJG is no stranger to the world’s premiere house and techno labels. A short list of appearances would include Trapez, Mo's Ferry, Culprit, Get Physical, Resopal, Leftroom, Ware, Lick My Deck, and Hallucination Ltd.

As the man behind Adjunct (founded in 2005), KJG curates exploratory forays into the stranger sides of house and techno. Adjunct has featured music from Bruno Pronsato, Franco Cinelli, Mikael Stavöstrand, Dilo, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Akiko Kiyama, Mr. C and John Tejada — to name a few names gracing over two dozen releases.

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