Thomas Federspiel & Fabian Stübi

Also there are session musicians of Intricate: Fabian Stübi, Federspiel
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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Intricate - (Federspiel/Stuebi) (Federspiel/Stuebi) 10 2001-03-01 Spezialmaterial Records
2 Intricate - [Aube] [Aube] 6 2001 Spezialmaterial Records
3 Intricate - In Conclusion In Conclusion 6 2003-02-24 Spezialmaterial Records
4 Intricate - In Pectra In Pectra 10 2004-06-00 Spezialmaterial Records
5 Intricate - In Pectra In Pectra 6 2004-06-00 Spezialmaterial Records
6 Intricate - Dori Doreau (On) Dori Doreau (On) 4 2005 Spezialmaterial Records
7 Intricate - Captain Trunk (Off) Captain Trunk (Off) 5 2006-01-30 Spezialmaterial Records
8 Intricate - Untitled Untitled 4 1996 Dread Industries Records
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About Intricate

Thomas Federspiel (*1973) is a smooth-talking part-time bread salesman, undisputed Tipp-Kick champion, husband and father. How he finds the time to make music is anyone's guess. His surname translates as something like "feather-gamer" which he claims means he has a jokey, buoyant manner but in reality corresponds to his fetish for torturing rabbits (by tickling) into confessing crimes they are not guilty of. Thomas lives and works in Zurich. Fabian Stübi (*1972) is two feet high, made of string and makes various objects including satanic reverse vinyl platforms and cuckoo clocks for hard cash. His surname translates as "living room" which is almost ironic because he formerly subscribed to Luc Jouret's Order of the Solar Temple and nearly died in one while trying to suffocate himself with a sock and achieve eternal life on Sirius. He was, however, responsible for saving the lives of electronic music pioneers Autechre - and others - in 1995, avoiding a head-on collision with another car; without this stunning act of motor vehicle control, we could all have kissed everything post-Amber period goodbye.

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