Zena Hagerty, Walter G. Peter and Andras Hornic

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Sublimatus - Untitled Untitled 2 Not On Label
2 Sublimatus - School Of Sorcery School Of Sorcery 11 2008-04-16 Cyberset
3 Sublimatus - Whore Of Babylon Whore Of Babylon 14 1990-10-31 Kick Records, Hamilton Ontario
4 Sublimatus - Orgone Accumulator Orgone Accumulator 2 1994-10-31 Xcreteria
5 Sublimatus - Desire = Fear Desire = Fear 9 2002-10-01 Not On Label
6 Sublimatus - Majik Will The Key Majik Will The Key 10 2001-05-01 Not On Label
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About Sublimatus

Ontario, Canada based experimental rock trio which was formed in the late 80s.
Sublimatus has been a transformational concept used by Zena Hagerty and Walter G. Peter as a creative principle for over 20 years.
On its own, as a concept in the collective unconscious Sublimatus crosses the bounds of the physical, psychological and spiritual worlds.
In the physical world, the term from chemistry to sublimate: “is to change a solid to a gas and back to a solid.” When used in psychology it denotes the act of using base instincts and energy in a productive/inspirational manner. For example a young bully takes up playing the guitar. Two of the most obvious usages of Sublimatus in the English language are the words subliminal and sublime. To sublimate is used in Alchemy, “an ancient form of mysticism”, as part of a process, which is intended to cause “individuation.” The process works on the premise that the individual is incomplete, but can become complete through a series of conscious mystical acts.
With this in mind Zena, Walter have used Sublimatus as a watch word behind a multi-media arts center, a free form sound unit, posters and billboards, multi-media art installations, a sponsor of a bicycle team, a countless number of HAPPENINGS in the tradition of “Dada and being in the moment”. Sublimatus has run on the intent to cause the audience and artist to question ones motives/actions.

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