Also there are session musicians of Texta: Daniel Reisinger, Harald Renner, Klaus Laimer, Philipp Kroll, Skero
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Discography of Texta:

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# Cover Release title Total tracks Download mp3 album Release date Label fo release
1 Texta - Geschwiegen Geschwiegen 9 1998 Craft Records
2 Texta - Vis-a-vis Vis-a-vis 9 1999 Craft Records
3 Texta - Fragestunde Fragestunde 7 1999
4 Texta - So Oder So So Oder So 18 2004-02-23 Geco Tonwaren
5 Texta - So Oder So / Hed I War I So Oder So / Hed I War I 6 2004-01-26
6 Texta - Blickwinkel Blickwinkel 17 2002-03-00
7 Texta - Gegenüber Gegenüber 15 1999
8 Texta - So Oder So / Hedi Wari So Oder So / Hedi Wari 6 2004
9 Texta - Toi,Toi,Toi/Bum Bum Riddim Toi,Toi,Toi/Bum Bum Riddim 2 2000 DHF Records
10 Texta - Alt EP Alt EP 8 2005
11 Texta - Paroli Paroli 18 2007
12 Texta - Wer? Wer? 7 2002
13 Texta - Geschmeidig Geschmeidig 12 1995 Duck Squad Platten
14 Texta - So Könnts Gehen So Könnts Gehen 7 2007
15 Texta - Sprachbarrieren Sprachbarrieren 13 2001-01-09
16 Texta - Gediegen Gediegen 16 1997 Geco Tonwaren
17 Texta - Verstanden Verstanden 7 2001 Geco Tonwaren
18 Texta - Paroli Paroli 18 2007 Geco Tonwaren
19 Texta - Blickwinkel Blickwinkel 17 2002-03-00
20 Texta - Perspectives Perspectives 14 2002 Tonträger Records
21 Texta - Sweet 16 Texta Live Sweet 16 Texta Live 20 2010 Tonträger Records
22 Texta - Dramaturgie Der Ereignisse Dramaturgie Der Ereignisse 2 2011-04-16 Substance Recordstore
23 Texta - Grotesk Grotesk 14 2011 Tonträger Records
24 Texta - Grotesk Grotesk 14 2011 Tonträger Records
25 Texta - Sei Lieb Zu Mir / Da Raw Shit Sei Lieb Zu Mir / Da Raw Shit 7 1996 Duck Squad Platten
26 Texta - Sugar + Spice Dubin' Texta Sugar + Spice Dubin' Texta 2 1995 Gaffa Prod.
27 Texta - XX - 20 Tracks Aus 20 Jahren XX - 20 Tracks Aus 20 Jahren 29 2013-09-13 Tonträger Records
28 Texta - XX - 20 Tracks Aus 20 Jahren XX - 20 Tracks Aus 20 Jahren 29 2013-09-27 Tonträger Records
29 Texta - Max 'N' Morizz Max 'N' Morizz 9 2014-09-12 vinyldigital.de
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About Texta

Austrian hiphop crew from Linz.

Active since the early nineties, Texta was an important influence in the first wave of Austrian Hiphop, including Total Chaos, Waxolutionists, and Aphrodelics. Texta is still a brandmark for quality hiphop with good and funny lyrics. They didnt change their style to sell more records (Like many others did).

Texta contains four MC's Huckey, Laima, Flip (3) and Skero and one DJ, DJ Dan (4). Some of them are active writer or b-boys. On stage, they appear to be the hiphop reincarnation of The Daltons. Due to the geographical distance of Linz to Munich, they got to work with Blumentopf on several tracks. Texta is part of a supergroup called Kaleidoskop (2), starring members of Blumentopf and Total Chaos. Recordings and Live Gigs of this supercrew are pretty rare cause it's hard to time 12 people.

Texta started as one of the first bands in the german speaking part of Europe to rap in their native dialect, which is sometimes hard to understand. "Mundartrap" got a legit part of hiphop in Austria and Switzerland. The tracks [r=1403037] features German, Austrian and Swiss rappers who talk about special expressions in their dialect and similarities in spoken language. On their last album [r=1090984], they featured their brothers in mind Attwenger, which is a perfect combination of folk, electronic, rap and craziness.

They started an own label, [l=Tonträger Records] to promote sideprojects and the scene around them in Linz / Upperaustria. Texta was always involved in political activities, showing support for antifashistic or similar actions. They also run projects with African musicians in Senegal and Kenia. After 15 years in buisiness, they still release music, have a bouncing live show and have fun doing it. No one of them makes a living only by performing, everyone has a normal job.

Funny detail on the side, in 2002 they recorded a song for their album [r=866204], starring the unknown, not too bad words talking Sido. They didnt take the song for the lp and released it as free download on their website.

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