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PET Duo - Hardtechno Vol. 6 release

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Data about this release:
Title: Hardtechno Vol. 6
Performer: PET Duo
Год: 2008 Oct 02
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Techno  Hard Techno  Schranz 
This album was released on lable Alphabet City (catalog num 500.1126.2)
Country: Germany
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: CD , Mixed
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

DJ Mix PET Duo
Producer, Written By Ana Luiza Gelfei
Producer, Written By David Merlino
Date of Copyright: (C) 2008 Oct 02

Tracklist of PET Duo - Hardtechno Vol. 6

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Hardtechno Vol. 6
1-01 play Jack To Detroit Lyrics of Jack To Detroit 1:18
1-02 play Pitbull Lyrics of Pitbull 1:04
1-03 play Supper Lyrics of Supper 0:43
1-04 play I Got The Shit Lyrics of I Got The Shit 2:08
1-05 play Piriquita Lyrics of Piriquita 1:29
1-06 play La Tempera Matinera Lyrics of La Tempera Matinera 1:41
1-07 play Fucked (Frank Kvitta Remix) Lyrics of Fucked (Frank Kvitta Remix) 1:03
1-08 play Drugged Drummer Lyrics of Drugged Drummer 2:12
1-09 play Hells Bells (PET Duo Remix) Lyrics of Hells Bells (PET Duo Remix) 2:29
1-10 play Dawn Of The Meaning Lyrics of Dawn Of The Meaning 2:29
1-11 play No One Lyrics of No One 1:40
1-12 play Man Feels Like A Horse Lyrics of Man Feels Like A Horse 1:38
1-13 play You Talk Too Much Lyrics of You Talk Too Much 1:14
1-14 play Ira Lyrics of Ira 2:28
1-15 play Time Is A Chance Lyrics of Time Is A Chance 2:10
1-16 play Restart Lyrics of Restart 0:18
1-17 play Mixdown Lyrics of Mixdown 2:16
1-18 play Headbangin Lyrics of Headbangin 2:40
1-19 play The Power Of Trancing Lyrics of The Power Of Trancing 2:15
1-20 play Grosse Katastrophe Lyrics of Grosse Katastrophe 1:07
1-21 play Bassdrum Disaster Lyrics of Bassdrum Disaster 1:33
1-22 play We Are Many Lyrics of We Are Many 2:02
1-23 play Downfall Lyrics of Downfall 1:15
1-24 play Testurez Lyrics of Testurez 2:40
1-25 play Destruction World (PET Duo Rework) Lyrics of Destruction World (PET Duo Rework) 2:49
1-26 play Bobby What's Wrong With U? Lyrics of Bobby What's Wrong With U? 2:29
1-27 play 07-01-83 Lyrics of 07-01-83 1:30
1-28 play Chapter 9 (A2) Lyrics of Chapter 9 (A2) 2:50
1-29 play Nightline Expression Lyrics of Nightline Expression 1:50
1-30 play Menace To Society Lyrics of Menace To Society 1:55
1-31 play Timeslice (Svetec Remix) Lyrics of Timeslice (Svetec Remix) 5:45
1-32 play Like A Fire (Lexis Remix) Lyrics of Like A Fire (Lexis Remix) 4:36
2-01 play Intro Lyrics of Intro 1:04
2-02 play Sunshine Smash Lyrics of Sunshine Smash 2:21
2-03 play Ataque Lyrics of Ataque 4:16
2-04 play Compassion Over Killing Lyrics of Compassion Over Killing 3:37
2-05 play Wrecked City Lyrics of Wrecked City 3:33
2-06 play Draize Eyes Test Lyrics of Draize Eyes Test 4:08
2-07 play V.Io Lyrics of V.Io 5:10
2-08 play Disturbing Dreams (PET Duo Remix) Lyrics of Disturbing Dreams (PET Duo Remix) 3:43
2-09 play Timeslice Lyrics of Timeslice 5:22
2-10 play Freeganismo Lyrics of Freeganismo 3:43
2-11 play Testurez Lyrics of Testurez 2:29
2-12 play Xega2 Lyrics of Xega2 5:08
2-13 play Mad Maguila Lyrics of Mad Maguila 4:07
2-14 play Bang The Beat Lyrics of Bang The Beat 2:02
2-15 play Destruction World (PET Duo Rework) Lyrics of Destruction World (PET Duo Rework) 4:27
2-16 play Doing The Right Thing Lyrics of Doing The Right Thing 6:01

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Download full release PET Duo - Hardtechno Vol. 6 as .mp3

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