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Naoshi Mizuta - Parasite Eve 2 (Original Soundtrack) release

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Data about this release:
Title: Parasite Eve 2 (Original Soundtrack)
Performer: Naoshi Mizuta
Год: 2022 May 19
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Abstract  Experimental  Ambient 
This album was released on lable Tokyopop (catalog num TPCD-0200-2)
Country: US
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

Date of Copyright: (C) 2022 May 19

Tracklist of Naoshi Mizuta - Parasite Eve 2 (Original Soundtrack)

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Parasite Eve 2 (Original Soundtrack)
play Disc 1 Lyrics of Disc 1 ?
1.01 play Forbidden Power (Theme For Aya) Lyrics of Forbidden Power (Theme For Aya) 2:05
1.02 play Mist Lyrics of Mist 3:52
1.03 play Aya Again Lyrics of Aya Again 2:29
1.04 play Don't Move! Lyrics of Don't Move! 0:40
1.05 play Nightmare In The Battlefield Lyrics of Nightmare In The Battlefield 1:19
1.06 play Deadly Calm Lyrics of Deadly Calm 1:03
1.07 play The First Encounter Lyrics of The First Encounter 1:43
1.08 play Tower Rendezvous Lyrics of Tower Rendezvous 1:51
1.09 play Metamorphosis Lyrics of Metamorphosis 2:19
1.10 play Watch Out! Lyrics of Watch Out! 3:47
1.11 play Ambush! Lyrics of Ambush! 2:07
1.12 play What The Hell Happened? Lyrics of What The Hell Happened? 3:03
1.13 play Do Something! Lyrics of Do Something! 1:27
1.14 play Weird Man Lyrics of Weird Man 2:31
1.15 play Return To The Base Lyrics of Return To The Base 1:42
1.16 play Ghost Town Lyrics of Ghost Town 3:08
1.17 play Hunt In Dryfield Lyrics of Hunt In Dryfield 2:15
1.18 play Don't Shoot Lyrics of Don't Shoot 0:34
1.19 play Douglas Blues Lyrics of Douglas Blues 3:19
1.20 play Water Tower Lyrics of Water Tower 1:56
1.21 play Hiding Place Lyrics of Hiding Place 4:54
1.22 play Dryfield Lyrics of Dryfield 1:13
1.23 play The Bottom Of The Well Lyrics of The Bottom Of The Well 2:17
1.24 play Stealth Assult Lyrics of Stealth Assult 2:18
1.25 play Heaven-Sent Killer Lyrics of Heaven-Sent Killer 2:22
1.26 play The Depth Of Aya's Memory Lyrics of The Depth Of Aya's Memory 0:54
1.27 play From Dusk Till Dawn Lyrics of From Dusk Till Dawn 1:49
1.28 play Vagrants Lyrics of Vagrants 1:56
1.29 play Dark Field Lyrics of Dark Field 4:46
1.30 play Gigantic Burner Lyrics of Gigantic Burner 2:13
1.31 play Douglas' Grief Lyrics of Douglas' Grief 4:06
play Disc 2 Lyrics of Disc 2 ?
2.01 play Voice Of Mitochondria Lyrics of Voice Of Mitochondria 2:30
2.02 play Pick Up The Guantlet Lyrics of Pick Up The Guantlet 2:53
2.03 play Abandoned Mine Lyrics of Abandoned Mine 3:56
2.04 play Into The Shelter Lyrics of Into The Shelter 1:54
2.05 play Wipe Out The Creatures Lyrics of Wipe Out The Creatures 2:33
2.06 play Hold Your Breath Lyrics of Hold Your Breath 1:48
2.07 play Crawling Waste Emperor Lyrics of Crawling Waste Emperor 3:33
2.08 play Chase Lyrics of Chase 1:29
2.09 play Sigh Of Relief Lyrics of Sigh Of Relief 0:51
2.10 play Passing Through The Sewer, You'll Find... Lyrics of Passing Through The Sewer, You'll Find... 1:48
2.11 play Battle On The Waterside Lyrics of Battle On The Waterside 1:13
2.12 play Inner Part Of The Shelter Lyrics of Inner Part Of The Shelter 2:07
2.13 play Innermost Part Of The Shelter Lyrics of Innermost Part Of The Shelter 2:03
2.14 play Negative Heritage Lyrics of Negative Heritage 1:10
2.15 play Man Made Nature Lyrics of Man Made Nature 0:57
2.16 play Ark Lyrics of Ark 1:42
2.17 play Fool's Paradise Lyrics of Fool's Paradise 1:31
2.18 play Mitochondria Reactor Lyrics of Mitochondria Reactor 1:10
2.19 play Mental Deranger Lyrics of Mental Deranger 0:51
2.20 play Stalker Lyrics of Stalker 1:23
2.21 play Cruelty Of Eve's Fate Lyrics of Cruelty Of Eve's Fate 1:16
2.22 play Killing Field Lyrics of Killing Field 1:06
2.23 play Golem Soldiers Lyrics of Golem Soldiers 2:57
2.24 play Prestige Of A Nation Lyrics of Prestige Of A Nation 1:37
2.25 play Intrusion Lyrics of Intrusion 5:10
2.26 play Brace Yourself Lyrics of Brace Yourself 2:38
2.27 play Brahman Lyrics of Brahman 3:20
2.28 play Distored Evolution Lyrics of Distored Evolution 3:12
2.29 play Logic Of The Superpower Lyrics of Logic Of The Superpower 1:15
2.30 play Aya's Diary Lyrics of Aya's Diary 1:37
2.31 play Epilogue Lyrics of Epilogue 1:03
2.32 play Gentle Rays Lyrics of Gentle Rays 3:51
2.33 play Weird Man (Deleted Core Mix) Lyrics of Weird Man (Deleted Core Mix) 5:10
2.34 play Hiding Place (Comfortable Mix) Lyrics of Hiding Place (Comfortable Mix) 5:10
2.35 play OMAKE Lyrics of OMAKE 0:04

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