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GR†LLGR†LL - Untitled release

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Data about this release:
Title: Untitled
Performer: GR†LLGR†LL
Год: 2010 Feb 28
Genre: Electronic music   Hip Hop music   Rock music  
Style: Witch House  Screw  Downtempo  Lo-Fi  Experimental 
This album was released on lable Disaro (catalog num 025)
Country: US
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: CDr ,
  • Album
  • Limited Edition
  • Numbered

Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

Date of Copyright: (C) 2010 Feb 28

Tracklist of GR†LLGR†LL - Untitled

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
play pR†.I Lyrics of pR†.I ?
1 play 2200 Lullaby Lyrics of 2200 Lullaby 2:24
2 play I. U Lyrics of I. U 1:41
3 play U††A Lyrics of U††A 2:13
4 play 8myh8 (Ariel/LittleMermaid Ocean Version) Lyrics of 8myh8 (Ariel/LittleMermaid Ocean Version) 2:23
5 play Some†hingInTheWay(Cobain) Lyrics of Some†hingInTheWay(Cobain) 4:51
6 play ...d.p... Lyrics of ...d.p... 2:52
7 play SailorsBlackVirginMilfs Lyrics of SailorsBlackVirginMilfs 2:38
8 play SlowDancing Lyrics of SlowDancing 3:37
9 play ...slowLickin...(Wayne) Lyrics of ...slowLickin...(Wayne) 7:12
play pR†.II Lyrics of pR†.II ?
10 play MySwee† Corny World (Interlude) Lyrics of MySwee† Corny World (Interlude) 2:43
11 play Død-grad Lyrics of Død-grad 2:35
12 play Slow H3ad Is My Only †ippi Lyrics of Slow H3ad Is My Only †ippi 3:53
13 play Fi3nd Lyrics of Fi3nd 4:00
14 play o0o (Interlude) Lyrics of o0o (Interlude) 1:15
15 play Song Fo U Lyrics of Song Fo U 2:30
16 play If U Can Dr3am - Princ3ss3s Lyrics of If U Can Dr3am - Princ3ss3s 3:02
17 play Li††le Boy/Girl (Outro) Lyrics of Li††le Boy/Girl (Outro) 1:17

Video clip GR†LLGR†LL - Untitled

Download full release GR†LLGR†LL - Untitled as .mp3

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