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Checked 15.01.2022

Dubbing Mixers - Muuttoautomusaa release

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Data about this release:
Title: Muuttoautomusaa
Performer: Dubbing Mixers
Год: 2022 Jan 18
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Experimental 
This album was released on lable Tuulanauhat (catalog num TN008)
Country: Finland
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

Date of Copyright: (C) 2022 Jan 18

Tracklist of Dubbing Mixers - Muuttoautomusaa

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
A1 play Sointu Lyrics of Sointu ?
A2 play Huono Kopio Lyrics of Huono Kopio ?
A3 play Harmaa Barokki Lyrics of Harmaa Barokki ?
A4 play Kahvitussi Lyrics of Kahvitussi ?
A5 play Moveout Hats Lyrics of Moveout Hats ?
A6 play Dont Rec Sax With Mic Lyrics of Dont Rec Sax With Mic ?
A7 play Party With Nobody Lyrics of Party With Nobody ?
A8 play Plugiologia Lyrics of Plugiologia ?
A9 play Soolo Ja Tausta 1 Lyrics of Soolo Ja Tausta 1 ?
A10 play Click Or Break Lyrics of Click Or Break ?
A11 play Kaverina Musa Lyrics of Kaverina Musa ?
A12 play Chopcorn Lyrics of Chopcorn ?
A13 play Siilorakkaus Lyrics of Siilorakkaus ?
A14 play Omistettu Zoom1201:lle Lyrics of Omistettu Zoom1201:lle ?
A15 play Darling For Patients Lyrics of Darling For Patients ?
A16 play Teethkeyboard Lyrics of Teethkeyboard ?
A17 play Nyökyttelijä Lyrics of Nyökyttelijä ?
A18 play Soolo Ja Tausta 2 Lyrics of Soolo Ja Tausta 2 ?
A19 play Around The Last Lyrics of Around The Last ?
B1 play Pikakelaus Fiilistely Lyrics of Pikakelaus Fiilistely ?
B2 play Life Lyrics of Life ?
B3 play Kahvatussi Lyrics of Kahvatussi ?
B4 play Sulakeblues Lyrics of Sulakeblues ?
B5 play Sinewave Lyrics of Sinewave ?
B6 play Oktagon Huone Lyrics of Oktagon Huone ?
B7 play Madknife Lyrics of Madknife ?
B8 play Lasergrafiikka 1 Lyrics of Lasergrafiikka 1 ?
B9 play Vanhat Samplet Lyrics of Vanhat Samplet ?
B10 play Managing Boss Lyrics of Managing Boss ?
B11 play Featuring DJ Prisma Lyrics of Featuring DJ Prisma ?
B12 play Mennyt Aika Lyrics of Mennyt Aika ?
B13 play Soolo Ja Tausta 3 Lyrics of Soolo Ja Tausta 3 ?
B14 play Pianoesitys Lyrics of Pianoesitys ?
B15 play Prince Of Persia Lyrics of Prince Of Persia ?
B16 play Soolo Ja Tausta 4 Lyrics of Soolo Ja Tausta 4 ?
B17 play 3D Snare Lyrics of 3D Snare ?
B18 play Huone Lyrics of Huone ?

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Download full release Dubbing Mixers - Muuttoautomusaa as .mp3

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