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Agargara - Pistachio Island Remixes release

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Data about this release:
Title: Pistachio Island Remixes
Performer: Agargara
Год: 2013 Dec 17
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Abstract  Chiptune  Breakbeat  IDM  Jungle  Juke 
This album was released on lable Eerik Inpuj Sound (catalog num EIS019)
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: File , FLAC
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

Artwork Fthr Productions
Mastered By Aaron Munson
Music By Ilkae
Remix David Cummings (3)
Date of Copyright: (C) 2013 Dec 17

Tracklist of Agargara - Pistachio Island Remixes

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Pistachio Island Remixes
1 play Sweet Tooth Subway Lyrics of Sweet Tooth Subway 1:38
2 play Aerokiwi Lagoon Lyrics of Aerokiwi Lagoon 2:42
3 play Rusty Mittens Lyrics of Rusty Mittens 2:37
4 play Cappuccino Summit Lyrics of Cappuccino Summit 1:33
5 play Sushifruit Lyrics of Sushifruit 1:32
6 play Hublander Lyrics of Hublander 0:52
7 play Sink Lateral Lyrics of Sink Lateral 0:47
8 play Kochira Blink Set Lyrics of Kochira Blink Set 0:45
9 play Lis Tail Lyrics of Lis Tail 1:46
10 play Naku Uinti Lyrics of Naku Uinti 1:28
11 play Camai Lyrics of Camai 1:36
12 play Tev-lev Lyrics of Tev-lev 2:04
13 play Upside Landside Lyrics of Upside Landside 1:12
14 play Penguin Offering Peanuts Lyrics of Penguin Offering Peanuts 1:55
15 play Jump Jet Tiger Lyrics of Jump Jet Tiger 3:31
16 play Pear Vale Lyrics of Pear Vale 1:31
17 play Orange Line Lyrics of Orange Line 2:05
18 play Panda Lyrics of Panda 2:58
19 play Cascade Peridot Lyrics of Cascade Peridot 4:12
20 play Kit Crayons Lyrics of Kit Crayons 1:34
21 play Whiskey Switch Lyrics of Whiskey Switch 2:13
22 play Concord Low Lyrics of Concord Low 3:29
23 play Mauve Calamari Lyrics of Mauve Calamari 1:32
24 play Ketupa Roll Lyrics of Ketupa Roll 1:11
25 play Coconut Kotki Lyrics of Coconut Kotki 1:21
26 play Flore Lyrics of Flore 0:52
27 play Push Pop Nil Lyrics of Push Pop Nil 1:40
28 play Frantasia Lyrics of Frantasia 3:15
29 play Luminette Lyrics of Luminette 3:04
30 play Telewizor Lyrics of Telewizor 1:45
31 play Elegiac Lifestyle Lyrics of Elegiac Lifestyle 3:50
32 play Pêche Lyrics of Pêche 2:24
33 play Piña Collateral Lyrics of Piña Collateral 3:19
34 play Lopik Lyrics of Lopik 1:40
35 play Anchor Point Lyrics of Anchor Point 3:02
36 play Toho Hill Lyrics of Toho Hill 1:24
37 play Pineapple Castle Lyrics of Pineapple Castle 4:17
38 play Fallout Calabash Lyrics of Fallout Calabash 2:16
39 play Tiny Blue Elevator Lyrics of Tiny Blue Elevator 1:58
40 play Mandarin Beach Lyrics of Mandarin Beach 2:24
41 play Dot Matrix Firefly Lyrics of Dot Matrix Firefly 2:01
42 play Nispero Alone Lyrics of Nispero Alone 2:09
43 play Cadiz Lyrics of Cadiz 1:57
44 play Pancake Satellites Lyrics of Pancake Satellites 1:35
45 play [Credits] Lyrics of [Credits] 1:27

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Download full release Agargara - Pistachio Island Remixes as .mp3

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