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Legendary Pink Dots, The - Chemical Playschool #1 #2 release

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Data about this release:
Title: Chemical Playschool #1 #2
Performer: Legendary Pink Dots, The
Год: 1990 Dec 07
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Abstract  Industrial  Experimental 
This album was released on lable Staalplaat (catalog num STLPD 001)
Country: Netherlands
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

Artwork By [Cover Design] E.V.W.
Date of Copyright: (C) 1990 Dec 07

Tracklist of Legendary Pink Dots, The - Chemical Playschool #1 #2

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Chemical Playschool #1 #2
A1 play Defeated Lyrics of Defeated 2:32
A2 play Voices Lyrics of Voices 4:29
A3 play Ideal Home Lyrics of Ideal Home 3:58
A4 play Black Highway Lyrics of Black Highway 4:57
A5 play Soma Bath Lyrics of Soma Bath 3:37
A6 play Dolls' House Lyrics of Dolls' House 6:58
A7 play Louder After Six Lyrics of Louder After Six 5:32
A8 play Phallus Dei Lyrics of Phallus Dei 3:14
A9 play Stand Firm, Damien Lyrics of Stand Firm, Damien 1:44
A10 play Dying For The Emperor Lyrics of Dying For The Emperor 7:00
B1 play Peace Krime 1 Lyrics of Peace Krime 1 4:20
B2 play Brighter Now Lyrics of Brighter Now 5:08
B3 play Peace Krime 2 Lyrics of Peace Krime 2 2:39
B4 play Mpnmep Cptaha Lyrics of Mpnmep Cptaha 2:36
B5 play Apocalypse Now Lyrics of Apocalypse Now 4:04
B6 play Professional Lyrics of Professional 3:30
B7 play Donna's Blitzed Again Lyrics of Donna's Blitzed Again 2:57
B8 play Brill Lyrics of Brill 5:50
B9 play Witch Hunt Lyrics of Witch Hunt 0:43
B10 play Break Day Lyrics of Break Day 3:36
B11 play Break Down Lyrics of Break Down 8:24
C1 play City Ghosts Lyrics of City Ghosts 4:16
C2 play Onward Lyrics of Onward 3:28
C3 play Legacy Lyrics of Legacy 3:57
C4 play For The Pearl Moon Lyrics of For The Pearl Moon 5:38
C5 play Sensory Deprivation Lyrics of Sensory Deprivation 4:04
C6 play Temper Temper Lyrics of Temper Temper 3:54
C7 play Amphitheatre Shuffle Lyrics of Amphitheatre Shuffle 1:43
C8 play Misfortunes Lyrics of Misfortunes 2:35
C9 play Red Castles Lyrics of Red Castles 4:52
C10 play Hanging Gardens Lyrics of Hanging Gardens 4:34
C11 play detaefeD Lyrics of detaefeD 2:06
C12 play Before The End Lyrics of Before The End 3:42
D1 play Waiting For The Call / You'n'Me Lyrics of Waiting For The Call / You'n'Me 5:01
D2 play Amphitheatre 1 Lyrics of Amphitheatre 1 5:04
D3 play Frosty Lyrics of Frosty 4:44
D4 play Another Kind Of Violence Lyrics of Another Kind Of Violence 6:01
D5 play The Wedding Lyrics of The Wedding 3:39
D6 play Starch On Sunday Lyrics of Starch On Sunday 11:23
D7 play Caligula Lyrics of Caligula 3:36
D8 play Fin Lyrics of Fin 6:10

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Download full release Legendary Pink Dots, The - Chemical Playschool #1 #2 as .mp3

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