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Various - Wasp Distribution Sampler release

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Data about this release:
Title: Wasp Distribution Sampler
Performer: Various
Год: 1996 Jun 21
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: House  Hard House  Techno  Goa Trance  Tech House  Hardcore  Acid  Minimal 
This album was released on lable Wasp Distribution (catalog num WASP003 A1) Wasp Distribution (catalog num WASP004 A1)
Country: UK
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: Vinyl ,
  • LP
  • Sampler

Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

Date of Copyright: (C) 1996 Jun 21

Tracklist of Various - Wasp Distribution Sampler

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Wasp Distribution Sampler
A1 play Molotone / My Acid Lyrics of Molotone / My Acid ?
A2 play Law Mother Fucker Lyrics of Law Mother Fucker ?
A3 play Desert Planet Lyrics of Desert Planet ?
A4 play Analyst Debunk Lyrics of Analyst Debunk ?
A5 play Level 1/ Level 2 Lyrics of Level 1/ Level 2 ?
A6 play The Hate EP Lyrics of The Hate EP ?
A7 play My Bionic Rainforest Lyrics of My Bionic Rainforest ?
A8 play Time Flex / Caves & Tunnels Lyrics of Time Flex / Caves & Tunnels ?
A9 play Hells Scream / House Is A Feeling Lyrics of Hells Scream / House Is A Feeling ?
A10 play Secret Service / Our Man In Cuba Lyrics of Secret Service / Our Man In Cuba ?
A11 play Parsec / Dark Voyage Lyrics of Parsec / Dark Voyage ?
A12 play Crix / Viv Woman Lyrics of Crix / Viv Woman ?
A13 play Tannhauser Gate Lyrics of Tannhauser Gate ?
A14 play Phantom Pain EP Lyrics of Phantom Pain EP ?
A15 play Solid / Error / Emphasis / Random Lyrics of Solid / Error / Emphasis / Random ?
A16 play Hello Mr Fucking Alien Lyrics of Hello Mr Fucking Alien ?
A17 play Henry / Purple Lyrics of Henry / Purple ?
A18 play Elastik Kick / Alert 1210 Lyrics of Elastik Kick / Alert 1210 ?
A19 play Bioroid Invasion / Bioroid Groove Lyrics of Bioroid Invasion / Bioroid Groove ?
A20 play Lunar Madness / Cog Sinister Lyrics of Lunar Madness / Cog Sinister ?
A21 play Eidos Form / Akousmata Lyrics of Eidos Form / Akousmata ?
A22 play Baby Power (Raw Kid Mix) Lyrics of Baby Power (Raw Kid Mix) ?
A23 play Satellite Spy / Long Form Lyrics of Satellite Spy / Long Form ?
A24 play Aint No Jazz / Aint No House Lyrics of Aint No Jazz / Aint No House ?
A25 play Anjuna Beach / Plastic Beach Lyrics of Anjuna Beach / Plastic Beach ?
A26 play Blurb / Klurb Lyrics of Blurb / Klurb ?
A27 play The Sound Of Siren Lyrics of The Sound Of Siren ?
A28 play Block EP Lyrics of Block EP ?
A29 play Close Contest Lyrics of Close Contest ?
A30 play Warrant (Remix By Lost Sector) Lyrics of Warrant (Remix By Lost Sector) ?
B1 play Tone 1 EP Lyrics of Tone 1 EP ?
B2 play The Ambient Cod: Nonsense Lyrics of The Ambient Cod: Nonsense ?
B3 play Breakin Point / In Motion Lyrics of Breakin Point / In Motion ?
B4 play Distance / Slot Machine Lyrics of Distance / Slot Machine ?
B5 play "Ghetto Wars EP" Lyrics of ?
B6 play Parametric Lyrics of Parametric ?
B7 play War Off / Schematique Lyrics of War Off / Schematique ?
B8 play Light Orbit / Late Tuesday Lyrics of Light Orbit / Late Tuesday ?
B9 play Mutant Free Style Dancing Lyrics of Mutant Free Style Dancing ?
B10 play The Crux EP Lyrics of The Crux EP ?
B11 play North Wave / From The Bass Side Lyrics of North Wave / From The Bass Side ?
B12 play Nice Dreams In Well Street Lyrics of Nice Dreams In Well Street ?
B13 play Knock Knock / Whos There? Lyrics of Knock Knock / Whos There? ?
B14 play The Wave Lyrics of The Wave ?
B15 play Blackout / Funkified Friendship Lyrics of Blackout / Funkified Friendship ?
B16 play Vision / Life Motion Lyrics of Vision / Life Motion ?
B17 play Groove Trax Vol 1 Lyrics of Groove Trax Vol 1 ?
B18 play The Kwik / Trak Five / Sun Speak Lyrics of The Kwik / Trak Five / Sun Speak ?
B19 play Sonic Dub 2 Lyrics of Sonic Dub 2 ?
B20 play Blowin'up Tha Spot Lyrics of Blowin'up Tha Spot ?
B21 play Vulcano / Chilling With Vulcans Lyrics of Vulcano / Chilling With Vulcans ?
B22 play "Beyond Belief" Lyrics of ?
B23 play Dawn To Dusk Lyrics of Dawn To Dusk ?
B24 play Strobocopter / Hi-Parade Lyrics of Strobocopter / Hi-Parade ?
B25 play Level 3 / Beyond Lyrics of Level 3 / Beyond ?
B26 play Atomic Sucker Lyrics of Atomic Sucker ?
B27 play Hybrid Mecanics Lyrics of Hybrid Mecanics ?
B28 play Skin / Core / Disciple / DMT Slave Lyrics of Skin / Core / Disciple / DMT Slave ?
B29 play "Jerk, Rest & Play" EP Lyrics of ?
B30 play Last Night A Hard Drive Saved My Life Lyrics of Last Night A Hard Drive Saved My Life ?

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