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Various - The Greatest Nineties Collection release

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Data about this release:
Title: The Greatest Nineties Collection
Performer: Various
Год: 2020 Jul 13
Genre: Electronic music   Hip Hop music   Rock music   Funk / Soul music   Pop music  
Style: Alternative Rock  Pop Rock  Indie Rock  House  Pop Rap  Soul  Vocal  Garage House  RnB/Swing  Ragga HipHop  Euro House  Breakbeat  Grunge  Brit Pop  Hip Hop 
This album was released on lable EMI (catalog num 7243 5 43346 2 7)
Country: UK
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

Date of Copyright: (C) 2020 Jul 13

Tracklist of Various - The Greatest Nineties Collection

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
The Greatest Nineties Collection
1-1 play Toca Me Lyrics of Toca Me 3:33
1-2 play Don't Call Me Baby Lyrics of Don't Call Me Baby 3:46
1-3 play Let Me Show You Lyrics of Let Me Show You 3:24
1-4 play Here's Where The Story Ends Lyrics of Here's Where The Story Ends 4:02
1-5 play Bamboogie Lyrics of Bamboogie 3:06
1-6 play Belo Horizonti Lyrics of Belo Horizonti 3:53
1-7 play You're Not Alone Lyrics of You're Not Alone 4:22
1-8 play Choose Life Lyrics of Choose Life 3:49
1-9 play Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out Lyrics of Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out 3:44
1-10 play Desire Lyrics of Desire 3:52
1-11 play 1998 Lyrics of 1998 3:15
1-12 play Planet Love Lyrics of Planet Love 3:34
1-13 play Argentina Lyrics of Argentina 3:51
1-14 play Hold Your Head Up High Lyrics of Hold Your Head Up High 3:20
1-15 play Texas Cowboy Lyrics of Texas Cowboy 5:49
1-16 play Everybody Dance Lyrics of Everybody Dance 4:01
1-17 play Don't You Want Me Lyrics of Don't You Want Me 3:11
1-18 play Rhythm Is A Mystery Lyrics of Rhythm Is A Mystery 3:25
1-19 play Can You Handle It? Lyrics of Can You Handle It? 3:45
1-20 play Born To B.R.E.E.D. Lyrics of Born To B.R.E.E.D. 3:50
2-1 play Wannabe Lyrics of Wannabe 2:52
2-2 play Boombastic Lyrics of Boombastic 3:51
2-3 play Baby Come Back Lyrics of Baby Come Back 3:49
2-4 play Moira Jane's Cafe Lyrics of Moira Jane's Cafe 3:51
2-5 play Moira Jane's Cafe Lyrics of Moira Jane's Cafe 4:09
2-6 play Bodyshakin' Lyrics of Bodyshakin' 3:35
2-7 play A Deeper Love Lyrics of A Deeper Love 4:34
2-8 play I Will Survive Lyrics of I Will Survive 3:53
2-9 play Ice Ice Baby Lyrics of Ice Ice Baby 3:42
2-10 play U Can't Touch This Lyrics of U Can't Touch This 4:13
2-11 play It's Like That Lyrics of It's Like That 4:48
2-12 play Mambo No.5 Lyrics of Mambo No.5 3:38
2-13 play Scatman Lyrics of Scatman 3:29
2-14 play Reach Lyrics of Reach 3:44
2-15 play G.L.A.D. Lyrics of G.L.A.D. 3:03
2-16 play Uptight Lyrics of Uptight 4:06
2-17 play Looking Up Lyrics of Looking Up 4:12
2-18 play Arms Around The World Lyrics of Arms Around The World 4:08
2-19 play Sexy Cinderella Lyrics of Sexy Cinderella 3:50
2-20 play Don't Be A Fool Lyrics of Don't Be A Fool 3:50
3-1 play No Name To Play Lyrics of No Name To Play 3:42
3-2 play People Everyday Lyrics of People Everyday 3:52
3-3 play Drinking In L.A. Lyrics of Drinking In L.A. 3:40
3-4 play Silly Games Lyrics of Silly Games 3:21
3-5 play Would I Lie To You Lyrics of Would I Lie To You 3:23
3-6 play Breathe Again Lyrics of Breathe Again 4:03
3-7 play Save Our Love Lyrics of Save Our Love 3:28
3-8 play One Lyrics of One 3:43
3-9 play Sleeping Satellite Lyrics of Sleeping Satellite 4:07
3-10 play Walking Wounded Lyrics of Walking Wounded 3:53
3-11 play Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home Lyrics of Success Has Made A Failure Of Our Home 4:26
3-12 play I Can See Clearly Now Lyrics of I Can See Clearly Now 3:27
3-13 play Rubberband Girl Lyrics of Rubberband Girl 3:56
3-14 play Labour Of Love Lyrics of Labour Of Love 3:33
3-15 play Let's Get Married Lyrics of Let's Get Married 4:16
3-16 play Ordinary World Lyrics of Ordinary World 4:19
3-17 play MMM MMM MMM MMM Lyrics of MMM MMM MMM MMM 3:23
3-18 play Know By Now Lyrics of Know By Now 3:41
3-19 play When The Night Comes Lyrics of When The Night Comes 4:09
3-20 play I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Lyrics of I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) 5:24
4-1 play Can U Dig It Lyrics of Can U Dig It 4:09
4-2 play X, Y & Zee Lyrics of X, Y & Zee 4:42
4-3 play Unbelievable Lyrics of Unbelievable 3:30
4-4 play The Only Living Boy In New Cross Lyrics of The Only Living Boy In New Cross 3:55
4-5 play Real Real Real Lyrics of Real Real Real 3:06
4-6 play You & Me Song Lyrics of You & Me Song 2:44
4-7 play Lust For LIfe Lyrics of Lust For LIfe 5:08
4-8 play Tubthumping Lyrics of Tubthumping 3:23
4-9 play Middleman Lyrics of Middleman 3:32
4-10 play Nice Guy Eddie Lyrics of Nice Guy Eddie 3:15
4-11 play Get Me Out Lyrics of Get Me Out 3:19
4-12 play Poison Heart Lyrics of Poison Heart 4:02
4-13 play Ma Solituda Lyrics of Ma Solituda 5:14
4-14 play Spaceman Lyrics of Spaceman 3:59
4-15 play Your Woman Lyrics of Your Woman 4:18
4-16 play Lazy Lover Lyrics of Lazy Lover 3:09
4-17 play The Life Of Riley Lyrics of The Life Of Riley 4:02
4-18 play Not So Manic Now Lyrics of Not So Manic Now 4:30
4-19 play Summertime Lyrics of Summertime 3:30
4-20 play The King Of Kissingdom Lyrics of The King Of Kissingdom 3:42

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Download full release Various - The Greatest Nineties Collection as .mp3

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