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Various - The Beat Generation release

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Data about this release:
Title: The Beat Generation
Performer: Various
Год: 1992 Aug 15
Genre: Jazz music   Non-Music music  
Style: Spoken Word  Bop  Field Recording  Big Band  Interview  Cool Jazz 
This album was released on lable Rhino Records (2) (catalog num R2 70281) Rhino Records (2) (catalog num R2/R4 70281)
Country: US
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

Artwork Geoff Gans
Compilation Producer, Liner Notes [Foreword] James Austin
Liner Notes Barry Alfonso
Liner Notes Bob Dylan
Liner Notes Gordon Skeene
Liner Notes Michael Weldon
Liner Notes Stephen Ronan
Remastered By Bob Fisher
Date of Copyright: (C) 1992 Aug 15

Tracklist of Various - The Beat Generation

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
The Beat Generation
play Volume One Lyrics of Volume One ?
1-01 play San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) Lyrics of San Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation) 3:09
1-02 play The Beat Generation Lyrics of The Beat Generation 2:03
1-03 play Footloose In Greenwich Village Lyrics of Footloose In Greenwich Village 12:32
1-04 play Blues Montage Lyrics of Blues Montage 3:12
1-05 play Manhattan Fable Lyrics of Manhattan Fable 2:36
1-06 play Reaching Into In Lyrics of Reaching Into In 1:53
1-07 play Parker's Mood Lyrics of Parker's Mood 2:57
1-08 play Route 66 Theme Lyrics of Route 66 Theme 2:06
1-09 play Diamonds On My Windshield Lyrics of Diamonds On My Windshield 3:10
1-10 play Naked Lunch (Excerpt) Lyrics of Naked Lunch (Excerpt) 6:26
1-11 play Bernie's Tune Lyrics of Bernie's Tune 3:31
1-12 play Like Rumpelstiltskin Lyrics of Like Rumpelstiltskin 6:18
1-13 play Oop-Pop-A-Da Lyrics of Oop-Pop-A-Da 3:08
1-14 play Basic Hip Lyrics of Basic Hip 1:11
1-15 play Christopher Columbus Digs The Jive Lyrics of Christopher Columbus Digs The Jive 3:04
1-16 play Clown Lyrics of Clown 12:11
1-17 play Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves Lyrics of Murder Of Two Men By A Young Kid Wearing Lemon Colored Gloves 1:15
play Volume Two Lyrics of Volume Two ?
2-01 play The Hip Gahn Lyrics of The Hip Gahn 6:09
2-02 play Twisted Lyrics of Twisted 2:14
2-03 play Yip Roc Heresy Lyrics of Yip Roc Heresy 2:28
2-04 play Ha Lyrics of Ha 2:46
2-05 play Pull My Daisy Lyrics of Pull My Daisy 4:29
2-06 play October In The Railroad Earth Lyrics of October In The Railroad Earth 7:06
2-07 play Cool Rebellion Lyrics of Cool Rebellion 20:13
2-08 play Cosmic Rays Lyrics of Cosmic Rays 3:05
2-09 play Kookie's Mad Pad Lyrics of Kookie's Mad Pad 2:03
2-10 play Bebopper Lyrics of Bebopper 2:44
2-11 play Hunger Is From Lyrics of Hunger Is From 3:48
2-12 play No Pictures Please Lyrics of No Pictures Please 4:03
2-13 play Like Young Lyrics of Like Young 2:53
2-14 play Married Blues Lyrics of Married Blues 3:22
2-15 play Psychopathia Sexualis Lyrics of Psychopathia Sexualis 2:24
play Volume Three Lyrics of Volume Three ?
3-01 play Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come Lyrics of Jack & Neal / California, Here I Come 4:57
3-02 play Readings From "On The Road" & "Visions Of Cody" Lyrics of Readings From 3:28
3-03 play Interview With Jack Kerouac Lyrics of Interview With Jack Kerouac 15:29
3-04 play Kerouazy Lyrics of Kerouazy 2:06
3-05 play Cool Lyrics of Cool 3:50
3-06 play But I Was Cool Lyrics of But I Was Cool 2:53
3-07 play Uncool Lyrics of Uncool 0:58
3-08 play High School Drag Lyrics of High School Drag 2:14
3-09 play Oop-Bop-Sh-Bam Lyrics of Oop-Bop-Sh-Bam 3:04
3-10 play Professor Bop Lyrics of Professor Bop 2:26
3-11 play Beatnik's Wish Lyrics of Beatnik's Wish 2:28
3-12 play Like Having Fun Lyrics of Like Having Fun 2:17
3-13 play On Beatniks Lyrics of On Beatniks 0:27
3-14 play Swinghouse Lyrics of Swinghouse 2:53
3-15 play The Greenwich Village Poets Lyrics of The Greenwich Village Poets 1:36
3-16 play America Lyrics of America 4:47

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