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Slim KD - Buss It Up Vol. 01 release

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Data about this release:
Title: Buss It Up Vol. 01
Performer: Slim KD
Год: 2020 Sep 30
Genre: Reggae music  
Style: Dancehall 
This album was released on lable Mikrokosmos (catalog num 017)
Country: Germany
Duration: 09:17:29
Format of the release is: Cassette , Mixed
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

DJ Mix Slim KD
Date of Copyright: (C) 2020 Sep 30

Tracklist of Slim KD - Buss It Up Vol. 01

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Buss It Up Vol. 01
A1 play Hot Gal Lyrics of Hot Gal ?
A2 play Chocolate Loving Lyrics of Chocolate Loving ?
A3 play Mi Want Yuh Lyrics of Mi Want Yuh ?
A4 play Cash&Carry Lyrics of Cash&Carry ?
A5 play Stamp It Lyrics of Stamp It ?
A6 play Up To Date Lyrics of Up To Date ?
A7 play Boom Lyrics of Boom ?
A8 play Wave Dem Lyrics of Wave Dem ?
A9 play Let Me Hear You Lyrics of Let Me Hear You ?
A10 play Man Shortage Lyrics of Man Shortage ?
A11 play Badda Than The Rest Lyrics of Badda Than The Rest ?
A12 play Ganja Anthem Lyrics of Ganja Anthem ?
A13 play Herbalize Lyrics of Herbalize ?
A14 play Hotter Than Dem Lyrics of Hotter Than Dem ?
A15 play What Is Next Lyrics of What Is Next ?
A16 play Warlord Nuh Business Lyrics of Warlord Nuh Business ?
A17 play Hotta Fire Lyrics of Hotta Fire ?
A18 play Melody Of War Pt. 2 Lyrics of Melody Of War Pt. 2 ?
A19 play Thug Anthem Lyrics of Thug Anthem ?
A20 play Killa Is A Killa Lyrics of Killa Is A Killa ?
A21 play Log On Girls Lyrics of Log On Girls ?
A22 play Go Gal Lyrics of Go Gal ?
A23 play Girls Spot Lyrics of Girls Spot ?
A24 play More Girls Lyrics of More Girls ?
A25 play Girls Shooking Out Lyrics of Girls Shooking Out ?
A26 play Buss It Up Lyrics of Buss It Up ?
A27 play They Ain't Ready Lyrics of They Ain't Ready ?
A28 play Treat You Like A Lady Lyrics of Treat You Like A Lady ?
A29 play Girl Have Di Sweet Lyrics of Girl Have Di Sweet ?
A30 play Hot Girl Lyrics of Hot Girl ?
A31 play Gal Yuh Fi Lyrics of Gal Yuh Fi ?
A32 play Ghetto Man Dream Lyrics of Ghetto Man Dream ?
A33 play Girl Lyrics of Girl ?
A34 play Ladys Floss Lyrics of Ladys Floss ?
A35 play Big Time Event Lyrics of Big Time Event ?
A36 play Visa Line Lyrics of Visa Line ?
A37 play Loving Require Lyrics of Loving Require ?
A38 play Mi Waan Fi Know Lyrics of Mi Waan Fi Know ?
A39 play Biggest Fire Lyrics of Biggest Fire ?
A40 play Keep It Real Lyrics of Keep It Real ?
A41 play My Type A Girl Lyrics of My Type A Girl ?
A42 play Caan Stop Me Lyrics of Caan Stop Me ?
A43 play Woman A Wi Pleasure Lyrics of Woman A Wi Pleasure ?
A44 play None Like Rasta Lyrics of None Like Rasta ?
A45 play Dem Gal Ya Lyrics of Dem Gal Ya ?
A46 play Naw Go Run Lyrics of Naw Go Run ?
A47 play Badboy Medley Lyrics of Badboy Medley ?
B1 play Sexy Lady (Remix) Lyrics of Sexy Lady (Remix) ?
B2 play Kokane Lyrics of Kokane ?
B3 play To Be Loved Lyrics of To Be Loved ?
B4 play Believe It Or Not Lyrics of Believe It Or Not ?
B5 play I Am (Remix) Lyrics of I Am (Remix) ?
B6 play Sunfest Lyrics of Sunfest ?
B7 play We Struggle Lyrics of We Struggle ?
B8 play Eva Hail De Lyrics of Eva Hail De ?
B9 play Goodas Gal Lyrics of Goodas Gal ?
B10 play How We Roll Lyrics of How We Roll ?
B11 play Fire Lyrics of Fire ?
B12 play There I Go Lyrics of There I Go ?
B13 play Blackman Lyrics of Blackman ?
B14 play Hot Like You Lyrics of Hot Like You ?
B15 play Little Computer Lyrics of Little Computer ?
B16 play Email Lyrics of Email ?
B17 play Hot Hot Hot Lyrics of Hot Hot Hot ?
B18 play Ole Dawg Lyrics of Ole Dawg ?
B19 play One O Clock Lyrics of One O Clock ?
B20 play Bring Yu Pussy Come Lyrics of Bring Yu Pussy Come ?
B21 play Sky Is The Limit Lyrics of Sky Is The Limit ?
B22 play Survivor Lyrics of Survivor ?
B23 play I've Been Waiting Lyrics of I've Been Waiting ?
B24 play From Yu Clean Lyrics of From Yu Clean ?
B25 play Bedroom Bully Lyrics of Bedroom Bully ?
B26 play Bug Out Lyrics of Bug Out ?
B27 play Dem Bawling Lyrics of Dem Bawling ?
B28 play Nuh Dis Nuh Man Lyrics of Nuh Dis Nuh Man ?
B29 play Galang Gal Lyrics of Galang Gal ?
B30 play Ordinary Lyrics of Ordinary ?
B31 play Bring The War On Lyrics of Bring The War On ?
B32 play Run Lyrics of Run ?
B33 play In Love Lyrics of In Love ?
B34 play Street Respect Lyrics of Street Respect ?
B35 play Yard Man Slang Lyrics of Yard Man Slang ?
B36 play So Lyrics of So ?
B37 play To You Lyrics of To You ?
B38 play Fed Up 2002 Lyrics of Fed Up 2002 ?
B39 play Bad Mind 2002 Lyrics of Bad Mind 2002 ?
B40 play Doesnt Really Matter Lyrics of Doesnt Really Matter ?
B41 play Dem Confuse Lyrics of Dem Confuse ?
B42 play Dem Cant Floss Lyrics of Dem Cant Floss ?
B43 play Go High Lyrics of Go High ?
B44 play Get Mi High Lyrics of Get Mi High ?
B45 play Hey Gyal Lyrics of Hey Gyal ?
B46 play Ride All Night Lyrics of Ride All Night ?
B47 play Gwaan Gyal Lyrics of Gwaan Gyal ?
B48 play When Nature Calls Lyrics of When Nature Calls ?

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