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Various - Temple Of Terror release

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Data about this release:
Title: Temple Of Terror
Performer: Various
Год: 2006 Nov 24
Genre: Electronic music  
Style: Speedcore  Hardcore  Gabber 
This album was released on lable Cuup (catalog num TOT20053)
Country: Netherlands
Duration: 09:17:29
Format/codec: tracks / MP3
Audio bitrate: 320 kbps
About this release

The album included the following session artists:

Compiled By DJ Smurf
DJ Mix DJ Smurf
Date of Copyright: (C) 2006 Nov 24

Tracklist of Various - Temple Of Terror

# Track title Lyrics Length Find mp3 free
Temple Of Terror
1-01 play The Greatest Entertainers On Earth Lyrics of The Greatest Entertainers On Earth 0:35
1-02 play Hardcore Gigolos Lyrics of Hardcore Gigolos 3:11
1-03 play Bluntz & Beatz (Straight Outta Deathchant) Lyrics of Bluntz & Beatz (Straight Outta Deathchant) 3:31
1-04 play Slammit! Lyrics of Slammit! 4:36
1-05 play H x C Booty Lyrics of H x C Booty 4:35
1-06 play Controlled Usage Lyrics of Controlled Usage 3:34
1-07 play No More Regrets (Remix) Lyrics of No More Regrets (Remix) 3:19
1-08 play Adrenalize Lyrics of Adrenalize 3:10
1-09 play I'll Take Your Life Lyrics of I'll Take Your Life 3:49
1-10 play Ich Habe Die Macht Lyrics of Ich Habe Die Macht 2:12
1-11 play Bitch Box Lyrics of Bitch Box 3:49
1-12 play Frequency X Lyrics of Frequency X 2:23
1-13 play Save The Old Lyrics of Save The Old 1:37
1-14 play Catacombs Of Oblivion Lyrics of Catacombs Of Oblivion 4:32
1-15 play Technotronic Lyrics of Technotronic 3:53
1-16 play We Killed Jah Lyrics of We Killed Jah 4:56
1-17 play Gusset Typist Lyrics of Gusset Typist 3:27
1-18 play Keishaka Kore Lyrics of Keishaka Kore 2:56
1-19 play Exposure King (The Trumpet Track) Lyrics of Exposure King (The Trumpet Track) 4:34
1-20 play Papa Smurf Can Lick My Ass Lyrics of Papa Smurf Can Lick My Ass 3:29
2-01 play Pretty Fucked Up (P.F.U.) Lyrics of Pretty Fucked Up (P.F.U.) 3:50
2-02 play Contract Lyrics of Contract 6:15
2-03 play Watatekoku Lyrics of Watatekoku 4:15
2-04 play Hardline Part 2 Lyrics of Hardline Part 2 4:20
2-05 play Confide Lyrics of Confide 4:17
2-06 play Kicktype_1 Lyrics of Kicktype_1 5:17
2-07 play Power To Distort Lyrics of Power To Distort 5:21
2-08 play Try To Stop That Lyrics of Try To Stop That 5:56
2-09 play Shitter Lyrics of Shitter 5:39
2-10 play Harde Tijden Lyrics of Harde Tijden 3:16
2-11 play Oot The Back Of A Van Lyrics of Oot The Back Of A Van 4:50
2-12 play Jigged Jogged Lyrics of Jigged Jogged 4:15
2-13 play 5.56mm Lyrics of 5.56mm 3:31
2-14 play Pink Pyjama's Lyrics of Pink Pyjama's 3:06
2-15 play French Toast Lyrics of French Toast 5:40
2-16 play Boogie Man Ta'Doo Lyrics of Boogie Man Ta'Doo 4:56

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