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Stars born from stars
Matter in no finite form
No definition fits as all is one

The lines are drawn as it cannot falter
Matter dispersed and again collected
In cyclic swirls of improbability
Not guided yet with function and purpose

Destruction gaining knowledge of creation
Creation but knowing beginning and end
Physical laws bent but never broken
Ravished by chaos but calmed by it's consistency

On my knees at the alter of the universe
Surging with it's power as it is I
My subjective unimportance
Dwarfed by the totality that I am a part of

Not eluded by pietistic conception
But utterly devoted to the physics of provenance
Finite matter in ageless fluidity
The creation of matter and man

Ashes to ashes
A cyclic manifestation
Ashes to ashes
How right they are

As form withers matter transforms
The continuity of material rebirth
The visible ageless dance of cosmic renewal

In the darkness I pray not for my soul
I revel in the brotherhood of matter

It holds the endless possibilities within the ultimate simplicity

Download Lunaris Cyclic as .mp3

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