Lunaris I.A.D. lyrics:

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Reveal my identity in the sequence of time
Demultiplex the entwined layers
Make a sense of it all

I have sought the pleasures of visions
Visions so disturbing
So unnerving

The downward spiral in a vertical climb misguided
Assist my quest for lasting equilibrium

Now my path leads me nowhere
But my destination is set
Falling through the layers of me
My cosmic deconstruction

A subtle statement of defiance in the vastness of all
Not to be outdone
But severely constrained
In chains of physics

Stranded within the confines of my limitations as a sentient being
Perplexed by my intolerable need for answers
For truth

My event horizon
The unreachable goal in the time-distant
The open door before me
Alluring yet unsurprassable

Not using the options presented to me
The fear of uncertainty
How do I quantify my fear
How will I attain my prize

Opposing forces
Pulling me all but anywhere
Cyclic yet progressive with a devaluating tendency
Screams of unfulfillment
Radiating cosmically
On a journey to universal acceptance

Download Lunaris I.A.D. as .mp3

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