Lunaris In Nothing lyrics:

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Refined clouds of disobedience
Infectious violence fuels the fire
A futile struggle for a futile race
Positioned on the brink of nothing never

An expired sentiment of justice
Spiraling downward ever forward
The acceptance of mediocrity
Walk the path to the beginning

The search for existence
Shadowed by the ravish of all
Persist in your quest insect
I greet my merger with time

An ingenuity of coherence
Ignited by an error so small
Resist in your beliefs my friend
Lay your fears behind

Destined for a regulated reality
A digitized mass ritual life
The incontestable fact of persistence
And you question your purpose

I take solace in being
Matter in the cosmos
A nondenominational speck
In nothing

I bring chaos to order
Extolled in perfect disharmony
An irrelevant leap of faith to nothing

Blinded by my own experience
The force of habit revealed
A light that shines so dark
From nothing

Sequence in disorder
Specialized in quantum unity
A historic part of all of nothing

Download Lunaris In Nothing as .mp3

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