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D-Dogg: I walk up to a person and shoot them with a shotgun. Break a cops neck kill the navey because I'm a gangbanger. I'm still whanted dead or alive one time a gangbanger tried to kill me and I tried to kill G-Dogg when I was drunk

Cours: Gangbangers gangbangers gangbangers for life. Gangbangers gangbangers gangbangers for life

G-Dogg: Go up on your porch light a torch hit you in the face with a troombone case. Throw you out the window you can smell the smog sleep with the rats and eat with the frogs.Throw you in the river as you start ta shiver and drown 'cause the gangbangers are in yo town


G-Dogg: Well I'm sittin' under the brige drinkin' a coke when a gangbanger hits me and I start ta choke. He throws me on the ground and he starts ta pound and the last thing I see is red 'cause the gangbanger put a bullet in my head and I'm dead. I'm dead. Dead

(Cours to fadeout)

Download Unknown Artist Freaks as .mp3

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