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Will today be the day?
Things to remember
One, paranoia is a malfunction of the ability to reason
I can reason
Therefor I am not, paranoid

Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia

Things to remember
Two, the principle of characteristics said the paranoid personality and delusions.
(?) Suspicions.
I am not deluded, I am not suspicious.
I may be hostile but that's only because they are out to get me.

Paranoia, Paranoia, Paranoia
Delusion, Hostility, Suspicions.

Things to remember
Three, it's everywhere
All around me
The threat, they want you to feel it, they want you to loose it
They make sure of that
It's a war of nerves

Constant, on going. x 11

Never ending. x10

Constant, on going x 11

Download Various Kiew as .mp3

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